Risk Specialist

Job Description of Risk Specialist

  1. Assess Loan Application and Diary Note including check necessary information to ensure compliance with Credit Policy before Credit Committee meeting.
  2. Check and verify CBC’s historical record to spot on any irregularity and negative repayment including multiple lending to avoid over-indebtedness.
  3. Conduct site visit with frontline lending team where appropriate.
  4. Instruct to external party for property valuation where appropriate.
  5. Manage PAR within the acceptable level defined by the organization.
  6. Perform monthly verification of CBC fees before Account and Finance team could process payment.
  7. Prepare Monthly Management Meeting Report and Board Meeting Report.
  8. Review daily Arrears Report prepared by Account and Finance team.
  9. Any other relevant tasks as required by line manager.

Job Requirement:

  1. Bachelor degree in business administration or equivalent.
  2. At least has one-year experience on credit assessment.
  3. Usable English language in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  4. Usable computer proficiency with Microsoft office (Word, Excel, and Power point)
  5. Demonstrate high passion, and commitment.
  6. Pleasant personality & professional responsibility.