Chief Accountant

Royal Micro Finance PLC (RMF) was established as a public limited company holding license, number: M.F-56 from National Bank of Cambodia in July 2015 to provide financial services to indeed clients, and it was officially registered at Ministry of Commerce, number ៣០៣២ ពណ ចបព. Royal Microfinance​ PLC fully operates services to all targeted clients for micro and small financial need on both business and personal purposes.

Royal Microfinance PLC has a strong commitment to perform a standard and professional operation in both management and MIS. Moreover, wide varieties of competitively marketable products and processes have been prudently designed in responding to the rising demands of various micro finance services.

The fundamental core value of RMF is to provide clients with fair and transparent micro-finance services to obtain mutual benefit and growth.

Job Description of Chief Accountant (01Post) (Head Office)

  • Assist AFM to solve all financial matters in Royal MFI.
  • Assist AFM to make sure that all accounting staff understand their roles and duties and do the work in compliance with Finance Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.
  • Control expenses to the limit that it is allowed in regard to all policies and guidelines introduced.
  • Implement,  ensure compliance  internal financial  accounting policies  procedures
  • Review monthly results implement monthly variance reporting.
  • Bookkeeping function including maintenance  the general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable etc.,
  • Assist AFM leading team implement CIFRS project.
  • Make sure that all expenses are carried out transparently and in complete response to the needs of the company
  • Assist AFM to Guarantee a smooth flows of cash in the company.
  • Assist AFM to guarantee a high security of cash and valuables of the company by reinforcing all existing regulations and principles on cash and valuables management.
  • Protect company assets from being lost or damaged by regularly counting them and properly maintaining them with HR & Admin Department.
  • Build up staffs competency and productivity
  • Act as the organization representative in the Finance Field.
  • Manage and monitor the behavioral change of staffs by minimizing the number of fraud both internal and external.
  • Knowledge Cambodia Taxation.
  • Manage  acquisition  capital assets  ensure that assets  properly recorded, amortized, depreciation,  disposed  as appropriately
  • Deal  government authority regarding legal  tax issues
  • Establish clear effective communication all department, stake-holders regard the responsibilities.
  • Act on the best interest of the organization and aim for the sustainable future grow of the organization

Job Requirement:

  • Bachelor degree in Banking management or equivalent
  • At least 2 years or 3 years experiences on Administration in Banking/MFI service development
  • Fully look after the Royal MFI Financial and Accounting including
  • Financial Report, MB Win System
  • Cash Flows Management and Budget
  • Support Tellers and capacity building as well as closely monitoring and supporting
  • English Communication Skill
  • Personality, Loyalty, Commitment, Proactive & professional responsibility

Other Allowance:  Khmer New Year Bonus, Pchum Ben Bonus, Yearly Bonus, Uniforms,  Insurance 24hours……………

Address: Building 390-391, Street 271, Sangkat Teuk Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh.
Facebook: royal microfinance plc
Tel: 023 970 777 Or 093 666 560